Our team

Editorial Staff
Cameron Mccrohon
Managing Editor
Cameron has 19-years experience in the newspaper industry working in most aspects of the industry including ad and newspaper design, reporting, sub editing and sales and management.
He has overseen many changes in the industry and loves nothing better than bringing the news into the homes of Central Telegraph’s 10,000 + loyal readers every week. Cameron believes Central Telegraph’s long standing success is a result of the strong connections the newspaper has with the residents of the Callide Dawson district and its endeavours to continually champion countless community campaigns.
E:  Cameron.Mccrohon@centraltelegraph.com.au
P:  07 4992 1533
F:  07 4992 2214
M: 0429 898 701

Russel Guse
Russel joined the Central Telegraph in late August 2007. He enjoys writing and telling people’s stories along with covering issues that matter to local communities. Russel graduated with a Bachelor of Arts/Bachelor of Business majoring in marketing, public relations and journalism in 2003.
He has worked in marketing overseas and has several years experience as a full time journalist. For the CT, Russel interviews people, takes photos, write stories on all areas from main news, people features, community and sporting stories. He enjoys writing on all the different areas and covering it all for local communities.
E:  Russel.Guse@centraltelegraph.com.au
P:  07 4992 1533
F:  07 4992 2214

M: 0438 685 645

Stacey Rudd
Booking Clerk/Editorial Copy Processor
Stacey has 8 years experience in the newspaper game. She first got the taste for the industry as a compositor (newspaper and ad design) in 1997 before the big smoke beckoned and she headed south to complete a photography course. Several years later the country air lured her back and she returned to the industry as a receptionist/ad designer/photographer.
This time it was the desire to start a family that resulted in her having a six-month hiatus. After the maternity leave she returned to Central Telegraph as a Booking Clerk/Copy Processor and still touches on ad design and photography when the need arises. Despite her time in the industry she is still gets a buzz out of playing an integral part of capturing all the news, information, photographs and bringing into as ink on paper every week.
E:  Stacey.Rudd@centraltelegraph.com.au
P:  07 4992 1533
F:  07 4992 2214


Narelle Schnitzerling
Advertising Executive
Narelle possesses over 35 years of experience in sales. She has worked at the Central Telegraph for a total of 4 years. She enjoys creating solutions for customers’ needs to grow their businesses.
“At the end of the sale, when everyone is happy I am happy,” Narelle says.
“I like to see the ad has worked for the client.”
"Clients need to come first" is her motto.
E:  Narelle.Schnitzerling@centraltelegraph.com.au
P:  07 4992 1533
F:  07 4992 2214

M: 0400 921 534

Jess Lassig
Ad Services – Designer
Jess joined the team in the start of August 2007, as an ad designer although if you asked her what her job title is, she struggles to tell you. She does a bit of everything from creating and designing ads, flyers and poster but also man the phone and help customers over the front counter
Jess has a flair for design and loves putting her artistic abilities to the test. Although her true passion is computers, she is currently studying Information Technology.
E:  Jess.Lassig@centraltelegraph.com.au
P:  07 4992 1533
F:  07 4992 2214


Yvonne McDonald
E:  newsroom@centraltelegraph.com.au
P:  07 4995 7245
F:  07 4995 7245

Polly Bromley
E:  majors.b@bigpond.com
P:  07 4998 1351
F:  07 4998 1351

Alan McTaggart
E:  biloelabriefs@hotmail.com
M:  0418 195 503
P:  07 4992 1908 (after hours)

Hayleigh Warry
E:  hayleigh_news1@hotmail.com
P:  07 4996 5181

June Thiedeke
E:  newsroom@centraltelegraph.com.au
P:  07 4992 5343
F:  07 4992 5343

Dianne Kuhl
E:  kuhl@nitro.net.au
P:  07 4978 2526
F:  07 3503 9042

Melissa Elliott
E:  andrewelliott61@bigpond.com
P:  07 4997 1361

Jenny Noble
E:  jenny.noble88@gmail.com

Deborah Carr
E:  nathan.deborahcarr@bigpond.com
P:  07 4995 1225
M: 0411 131 037

Bronwyn Christensen
E:  theodorenews@bigpond.com
P:  07 4993 1818
F:  07 4993 1287

Donna Reynols
E:  newsroom@centraltelegraph.com.au
P:  07 4937 1186
F:  07 4937 1444