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Where the hell is Yeppoon?

SO we now expect the tourists to come to the great southern end of the Great Barrier Reef. No one really knows where that is, perhaps Billy the Mountain could reignite his song Where the Hell is Yeppoon.

Fair dinkum, if you want tourists to come to Yeppoon, why confuse them with "come to the great southern end of the Great Barrier Reef”. I mean that could be anywhere from Mackay to Maroochydore or could be the old "pin a tail on the donkey” trick for the tourists.

Tourists scratch their heads and say, "Where the hell is Yeppoon?” No one knows as with all this "southern end of the Great Barrier Reef” we have airbrushed Yeppoon off the map .

If we want tourists to come to Yeppoon, tell them where it is. We are the reef front and centre.

Great Keppel Island, well it once was great, now it looks like it has been hit by a bomb.

Better change the lyrics, Bill. Where the hell is Yeppoon could be "what the hell happened to Keppel?”.

Put another brick on the beach ... build another wall, chop down the trees ... another one falls.

The jewel in the crown, once upon a time.

And the Greens are saving Palestine.

Doug Belot, Cooee Bay

Access denied

YEPPOON'S beach party had been advertised quite extensively over the last couple of weeks, what had not been advertised was that half of the parking and footpaths were not accessible.

I would have thought that, as Australia Day is an important event for a lot of people and traffic in Yeppoon on a Friday afternoon, the public works along the foreshore could have waited a week until after this event.

I decided to take my husband to see the sand sculptures event that my daughter and granddaughter were taking part in.

I thought I happened to be very lucky to find a parking space outside the sailing club. After getting my husband and wheelchair out of the car and up the ramp (so far so good), I find the footpath dug up and no entry.

With a very kind lady and gentleman helping me to get up and down three large kerbs, after about 50m another 'no entry' sign. I gave up, leaving my husband with a complete stranger while I walked back to get my car.

I am 77 years old and pushing a wheelchair around this town at the best of times is difficult. Your new carpark is fantastic for the fit and able, but YOU try pushing someone up Queen St in a wheelchair.

I hope in the new plans for the foreshore you have considered the fact wheelchairs need flat surfaces and there are not many pavements in Yeppoon that have these.

Beryl Hofler, Yeppoon

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