Ashleigh Tayla Carr life had taken a turn for the worse after losing her job at the Capricorn Resort.
Ashleigh Tayla Carr life had taken a turn for the worse after losing her job at the Capricorn Resort. Contributed

Young CQ woman's drug-aided downward spiral

ANOTHER promising life that had gone off the rails because of drugs was familiar tale heard in Rockhampton Magistrates Court.

Yeppoon woman Ashleigh Tayla Carr, 21, had plenty of supporters in the court gallery yesterday, including her distraught sobbing mother.

While already on a suspended sentence, Carr (pictured) was facing imprisonment when she pleaded guilty to a number of crimes including single counts of possessing a dangerous drug, possessing a used drug utensil, driving without a licence, failure to stop motor vehicle, driving a vehicle with a different vehicle's number plate attached and twice failing to appear in court.

Police prosecutor Shane Studdert explained how Carr managed to rack up the charges in recent months.

She was a passenger in a vehicle pulled over by police on Lakes Creek Rd on May, with officers noting her holding a McDonalds cup and when they searched it, they found a used ice pipe.

On July 9, police conducting patrols in Zilzie recognised Carr driving and knowing her licence was suspended, police attempting to intercept and witnessing Carr pulling into the driveway of her Falcon Crescent property.

Police checks determined the number plates belonged to a another vehicle and when police approached, she drove off and refused to pull over despite the police's lights and sirens, eventually forcing them to abandon the pursuit through the residential area.

When they returned to her property, Carr reportedly jumped the rear fence to avoid apprehension.

On July 12, Carr was spotted by police walking down Elphinstone St, she was "nervous" and "hostile" before confessing to missing a court appearance that day with a subsequent search discovering 1g of methamphetamine.

Defence lawyer Brian McGowran said Carr's criminal history was "short but eventful, almost all drugs" and how in a relatively short period of time after losing her job with the closure of Capricorn Resort, drugs and bad company had led to Carr running afoul of the law multiple times to the point now where local police knew her by sight.

He implored Magistrate Cameron Press to bail Carr with a condition that she relocate to Ayr with her mother and break free from her addiction and bad influences.

Mr Press described Carr's offending as "serious" and "worrying" and she needed to make a serious choice of abstaining from drugs or them ruining her life.

He released Carr into her mother's care, sentencing her to eight months in prison, wholly suspended for a two year probationary period requiring drug testing and counselling plus a $625 fine and two year driving disqualification.

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