'Paranoid and on ice': Woman in spear gun standoff with cops

ARMED with a loaded spear gun aimed at police, Heather Jane Drysdale was apparently "paranoid" about people she believed were trying to get her.

And in the dark of night, a police officer drew his gun in fear she held a loaded rifle.

It was revealed in Ipswich Magistrates' Court 22-year-old Drysdale had consumed the drug ice. When later body-searched, jewellery was found hidden in her bra.

Drysdale, 22, pleaded guilty to serious assault of a police officer while armed with a weapon at Lowood on October 27, 2017, obstructing police, and unlawful possession of suspected stolen property.

In facts put forward by prosecutor Branson Ballard, police had been called at 9pm to a rural property at Lowood and saw her standing out the front of a granny flat holding what looked like a rifle.

Police presented a firearm telling Drysdale to drop hers - the weapon pointed directly at the officers who then realised she held a spear gun.

After she dropped the spear gun, she was told multiple times to sit down on the ground but then attempted to stand up.

A body search discovered jewellery in her bra, wrapped in glad wrap.

Police sought a head sentence of three months for the most serious offence.

Defence lawyer Matthew Fairclough said some psychological issues had been identified for Drysdale and at the time of the offence instructed that she was affected by the drug ice.

"She didn't appear to be well at the time. Her irrational behaviour was not premeditated," he said.

"Why was she holding a spear gun?" asked Magistrate Donna MacCallum.

"She was paranoid other people were outside trying to get her," replied Mr Fairclough.

Ms MacCallum told Drysdale it was a serious assault as she presented "a loaded, cocked weapon, ready to use".

Drysdale was sentenced to three months' jail for the serious assault, immediately suspended for 12 months.

She was fined $500 for the obstruction offence and for having suspected stolen property.

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