WHAT NOW? Paul Wallis with his granddaughter Jade are left to pick up the pieces after the devastating loss of their daughter/mum. INSET: June Wallis in happier times.
WHAT NOW? Paul Wallis with his granddaughter Jade are left to pick up the pieces after the devastating loss of their daughter/mum. INSET: June Wallis in happier times. Alistair Brightman

Where's the justice for the mother, daughter we lost?

IT'S not the way he wants to remember her.

Behind a shower curtain, face-down in the bath, bloodied and bruised.

Every day Paul Wallis thinks of his slain daughter and recalls the face which brought joy to his life from the moment she was born in June, 1982.

More often than not, however, the imagery from the morning he discovered his daughter's broken body haunts him the moment he goes to sleep.

The ongoing nightmares were detailed in a victim impact statement read out by a clearly moved Crown Prosecutor Michael Lehane in Brisbane Supreme Court yesterday.

"June was a gentle soul who devoted her life to her children, her horses and him (Greenfield)," the statement read

"The first thing I see when I think of June is her smile. The first thing I hear is her laughter.

"In my nightmares, I find June in the bathtub over and over again."

Mr Wallis wrote that in addition to their grief, he and June's two children, Jade and Lachlan, had been diagnosed with post-traumatic stress disorder".

"We suffer nightmares, flashbacks and intrusive thoughts.

"Lochlan has only one word to describe how we are surviving June's death: broken.

"Jade has witnessed things that she still refuses to talk about."

The victim's father also reflected on how horses were a passion of June's.

He said June's children had a loving relationship with their mother, everything they needed and looked forward to a future.

"When their father took June's life, everything changed ... how could it not?

"I'm Lochlan and Jade's grandfather, the one who was supposed to spoil them, and then give them back to their parents ... now I am the sole parent.

"We are in hardship.

"I could not afford presents for the kids this Christmas, we are doing it tough, and our financial future is uncertain."

Paul also asked the court to consider that while most teenagers were struggling with what to wear to a party, "Jade and Lochlan are trying to grasp that their father killed their mother".

"He took the mother of his children, our daughter.

"He robbed us of a part of our heart and soul.

"I never saw this coming and when he took my daughter's life, my faith was shattered.

"I am petrified when I think of the time he'll get out.

"I'm petrified he'll come for the kids.

"When he comes out and picks up his life again, our lives will be shattered."

Outside court, Mr Wallis told reporters 10 years was not enough for the devastation Greenfield had caused.

He also believed Greenfield's reliance on mental health issues was "a sham and a con".

"I'm disgusted... we've been kicked in the guts," he said

"I have no faith in the justice system.

"I will never forgive him."

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