Images of the car involved in hooning in North Mackay in front of the old Masters building.
Images of the car involved in hooning in North Mackay in front of the old Masters building. Contributed

WATCH: Hoons spin out at busy Mackay roundabout

HOONS with evident P-plates on their cars have filmed themselves driving dangerously on Mackay streets.

In the video posted to Facebook, a navy car can be seen entering the Mackay Bucasia Rd roundabout, outside the old Masters building in North Mackay, accelerating at speed then braking and spinning out.

The road is wet, as also stated in the original videos post (since removed), and the vehicle ends up with its bonnet facing oncoming cars on the two way road - friends of the driver watch on laughing.

The act appears to be planned with the drivers friends following behind in a red ute and catching the whole thing on camera.

In the video the navy vehicle appears to have a large sticker on the back of the car.

Members of the public have said they have seen a similar navy vehicle hooning around streets before with a large sticker that states 'Jim's Drifting' on the back.

Coincidentally, another Mackay driver, who also commented on the video, posted a photo of himself driving a red ute doing a burnout to his Facebook page (visible in photos below).

Police have been made aware of the video and will be conducting investigations.

The behaviour is not the first time vehicles have been seen tearing through Mackay streets, putting both drivers and others in traffic in danger.

In Queensland, hooning is the common word used for any anti-social behaviour conducted in a motor vehicle-a car, van or motorbike-such as speeding, street racing, burnouts and playing loud music from a car stereo.

Hooning includes any number of traffic offences, such as dangerous driving, careless driving, driving without reasonable consideration for other people, driving in a way that makes unnecessary noise or smoke, and racing or conducting speed trials on a public road.

Penalties for such offences can be as minimal as a warning or go up to a fine of $5045, 40 penalty units or six months in jail

In addition to the penalties for any traffic offences Queensland police also have the power to impound and confiscate vehicles involved in hooning offences.

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