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WATCH: Bones has a crack on the cricket field

CRICKET: Early last Saturday morning Glynn 'Bones' Horsey was about to enjoy a free day because his BITS team in Gladstone Cricket Incorporated B-grade competition had a bye.


But little did the 57-year-old cement truck driver now that he had a call for higher honours after he first came on the BITS scene when he played in the Industries Challenge five seasons ago.

Bones loved playing so much, especially after finding the inside edge of Andrew Symonds' bat, that he joined the BITS club.

Horsey was called up into the BITS A-grade side last Saturday which was to face Gracemere in round one of the Rockhampton Cricket Inc - Frenchville Sports Club Capricorn Challenge.

While the BITS side were rolled for a paltry 65, Bones held his own and valued his wicket batting at number 11.

He made two and he and his batting partner lasted six of the remaining eight overs.

Tomorrow, Horsey will return to the B-grade team which will take on Calliope in Calliope in the T20 competition.

"All of our team are right-handers and over in the nets, they are always bowling at right handers," he said.

"Other teams have left-handed batsmen and I said stuff this, so I started facing up left-handed just to give them (the bowlers) practice."

Horsey went on to explain how the fielding team would be confused because he would come out to bat left-handed after bowling right-handed.

"They would look at you funny and ask 'didn't you bowl right-handed' and I would say 'yeah, but I can bat both right and left-handed,'" he said.

He said the tactic throws the opposition off and also gives his team-mate bowlers practice to bowl at left-handed batsmen.

"I'm probably on even par, but then before the Industries Challenge, I started facing the fast bowlers right-handed and I was driving straight back at them," Horsey said.

"My timing was getting better."

But these days Horsey, who admits he lives on iced coffee and uses cricket and golf in the off-season as fitness, cannot make training because of work where he puts in a 10-hour shift each weekday/night.

"I can't get to training Tuesdays and Thursdays because I start work at 3pm every weekday which makes it hard," Bones said.

"So, if we have got a home game, I'll be down here half an hour earlier rolling the arm over in the nets and that's the only training I can do."

While Horsey said he's not the best batsman or bowler going around, he earned the praise of his captain after last week's A-grade game.

BITS A-grade captain Terry Sawyer said Horsey never gives up and chased 'everything on the field'.

Meanwhile BITS and The Glen have home games in the Capricorn Challenge at BITS and Sun Valley respectively with both games from 10am tomorrow.


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