Two police cars rammed as thieves escape

AS GORDON Fischer drove to his workshop at 2.30am yesterday, he was still reeling from the news thieves had raided the property.

A call from the police saw him driving over to his business, North Rocky Mechanical, in the early hours when he should have been at home asleep.

But during the drive, Gordon would get a bigger shock.

As he was waiting at the lights at the corner of Main and Alexander Sts, a silver Subaru drove through the intersection.

Gordon thought it looked familiar, but didn't realise it was his car until he caught a glimpse of the number plate.

"I just watched it disappear and there was nothing I could do," he said.

There were more unpleasant surprises to come once Gordon got to his workshop.

He found the thieves had taken $20,000 worth of diagnostic equipment, a new $400 tension wrench, his Subaru and a customer's Audi. They had also used one of his Volkswagen vans to ram the front gates of the business open, before leaving it in Maloney St with the engine still running.

Police yesterday said they discovered the break-in after patrolling officers found the abandoned van.

BIG BLOW: Gordon Fischer with the van used to ram the gates of his business.
BIG BLOW: Gordon Fischer with the van used to ram the gates of his business.

The Subaru was later seen on Berserker St, where it sped away from police when they attempted to pull it over.

It was then seen at a Yaamba Rd service station.

Police said the driver again ignored requests to stop, accelerating forward to ram a police car and causing damage to the front driver's guard.

Officers were forced to jump out of the way to avoid being hit.

The car then reversed into a second police vehicle and drove off from the scene, while the driver continued to swear at police.

Gordon said in 30 years of owning North Rocky Mechanical, there had only been one other small break-in, but nothing on the same scale.

He said the break-in was a big blow given the tough economic climate.

Can you help?

The two cars were a silver Subaru Impreza with registration 425RGF and a blue Audi A4 with registration 370HZJ

If you have information, contact Crime Stoppers on 1800 333 000

The 2014-15 Capricornia District Annual Statistics Review revealed the rate of break-ins across the district fell by 9%

Unlawful entry to houses rose by 2.5%

Unlawful entry to shops fell by 35.5%

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