Tirade cops a spray

POLICE caught Benjamin James Munro with his pants down, literally.

The New Zealand-born Biloela resident launched a verbal tirade at police who caught him urinating near the Biloela Post Office on September 28 last year. He struggled when arrested, causing them to use capsicum spray on him.

Munro appeared in Biloela Magistrates Court on Tuesday and pleaded guilty to obstructing police, public nuisance and unauthorised damage to property.

Police prosecutor acting Senior Constable Sean Franklin said Munro, 24, initially refused to show ID to police who saw him urinating in the street at midnight. He then showed a New Zealand driver's licence.

Munro then became aggressive and belligerent, shouting at police.

Acting Senior Constable Franklin said police warned Munro several times he would be arrested, but he continued to be aggressive.

When police arrested him, he fought and struggled with them and police warned him they would physically restrain him to get him.

Police moved away to calm him down, but then he snapped off one of the car's mirrors and still refused to calm down.

Police used capsicum spray but Munro still refused to co-operate.

One more use of capsicum spray and Munro fell to a knee and was finally handcuffed and taken to the Biloela Station.

Munro's solicitor Paul Loane said his client, who had been drinking heavily had learnt his lesson.

Magistrate Mark Morrow blasted Munro for his drunken behaviour.

He convicted Munro and fined him $500, as well as ordering him to pay $243 restitution for the broken car mirror.

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