NOMAD: Shani Hoffman.
NOMAD: Shani Hoffman.

The travellers temporarily calling Biloela home

SHANI Hoffman and her partner are meant to be interstate, but have been stuck at a Biloela caravan park for three weeks.

The two itinerants left the Sunshine Coast in June last year, living in their caravan and exploring Queensland.

“Our plan was to save money, travel, and work,” Ms Hoffman said.

Recently they found work in Western Australia and quit their jobs. Then coronavirus suffocated the roads.

“We had a job lined up in WA to make some decent money and we wouldn’t have to stress about trying to find work until then,” Ms Hoffman said.

“My partner threw in his job and we were going to take a month to get over there. I threw my job in too.”

As the restrictions multiplied, the two had to find a way to tentatively settle down, and fast.

They managed to fit into a caravan park in Biloela, just as many shut themselves off to newcomers.

“A lot are closed and not letting anyone else in,” Ms Hoffman said. “The park I’m at now isn’t letting any more in.

“We can’t go through any borders and we’re afraid to leave because if we do, we might not be able to get back in. We’ll be stranded.”

Both travellers found work, and the caravan park has since lowered its price about 30 per cent.

“It’s pushed our life back a bit,” Ms Hoffman said.

“But the staff here are absolutely beautiful. It’s so friendly and clean.”

The new job is on hold, Ms Hoffman said, but she was glad to be healthy.

“It sucks a little bit how we’re isolated in the caravan, but you’ve just got to take it in your stride. At the end of the day, there’s going to be worse things in life than this.

“We don’t have the virus, and that’s a plus. Hopefully the virus goes sooner rather than later so we can go check out this beautiful country we live in.”

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