FIRST HAND: Students acting out book characters with author Chris Collin.
FIRST HAND: Students acting out book characters with author Chris Collin. Contributed

Sustainability is a key lesson

Year 2 News

THIS term we are doing a unit about Farm to Fork. This unit involves us learning about the process of how animals and plants grow and end up on our fork. Some of the animals and plants we have studied so far include chickens, kangaroos, worms and beans.

We have started to grow potatoes, mushrooms, alfalfa and snap peas. When these are fully-grown, we will follow a recipe to cook with these ingredients and try some of the foods that we have not tasted before. We are super excited to be cooking and trying new foods!

Last week, we went on an excursion to Biloela State High School Agricultural Department to see how they keep animals and grow plants to eat. We were lucky enough that some high school students were very knowledgeable and were able to explain how they take care of their animals and grow their plants to eat. It was exciting to see the alpaca's, the cattle, the chickens, the fresh fruit and vegetables and the lettuce growing hydroponically in the greenhouse.

We would like to thank Woolworths, Biloela State High School and Callide Valley Tyre Centre for supporting our learning.

Year 4 Sustainability Initiative

STUDENTS in Year Four are learning about the environment and sustainability within their community and the world. As part of the unit they are collecting 'containers for change' and donating the funds to the schools' P&C Association for much needed resources across the school. Each day the students collect the buckets and sort the containers that the wider school have placed in the buckets. Later in the term the Year Four students will be taking an excursion to the Transfer Station to see the next stage within the recycling process.

Visit from Chris Collin - author of Funky Chicken books

It was great to welcome Chris to our school recently. He entertained our students with stories of Funky Chicken and Doug the Bug, and spoke about what it is like to be an author. Our students got to think about writing their own story and drew some illustrations of Chris' characters. Chris' presentations were great. We really appreciate it when authors are prepared to travel into regional Queensland, so that our students get first-hand information about writing books.

Having a laugh with BSS Staff by Grace Stanley year 5

TODAY we have Mr Clair from 6C

Q:What do you like about teaching?

A:I like that I get to have fun every day and see students learn and grow!

Q: What is your favourite subject to teach?

A: Definitely Maths!

Q: What did you want to be when you were little?

A: A dolphin trainer at Sea World.

Q: How did you come to teaching?

A: My mother is a teacher and seeing her teach made me want to be a teacher too.

Q: Last but not least, what is your advice to kids who want to be teachers?

A: Work hard, stay focused and be proud to do the best you can in school and life!

Class 5/6 kb:keeping busy

THIS term, as part of our maths unit on time, we have been focussing intently on calculating duration and elapsed time. In order to learn this skill, we have viewed a variety of travel timetables to give us some real world experience. We have also been completing a range of hands-on activities to help us calculate duration and travel time. We have also been learning a range of strategies to convert 12 hour time to 24 hour time.

How your school performed in NAPLAN over five years

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Young man dies in highway truck rollover

premium_icon Young man dies in highway truck rollover

One man has died in a trucking accident on a western QLD highway.

TRIBUTE: Community remembers Bec and her love for Biloela

premium_icon TRIBUTE: Community remembers Bec and her love for Biloela

Biloela says goodbye to active and always helpful member of the community