An out of control Alexandra Headland party descended into a brawl.
An out of control Alexandra Headland party descended into a brawl. Seven News screenshot

Expect more street fights, warns Ranger Pat

AN out of control party at Alexandra Headland that led to a street brawl and five arrests is likely to be the first of many as the festive season approaches, former council ranger Pat Quinn said.

Mr Quinn warned parents to be proactive and not wait until the party “explodes” as a gathering did for one young man in his 20s at his house in the vicinity of Pacific Terrace on Friday night.

Sunshine Coast acting inspector Scott Nolan said when police arrived at the party around 10pm, the party host asked officers to help him get rid of about 150 young people, many of whom were drunk.

The police were originally called to the premises after receiving noise complaints from members of the public.

“We had given him (the young man) a noise abatement notification and he requested police assist him remove people from his dwelling.” Act Insp Nolan said.

It took six police units to herd the youths away from the house. Act Insp Nolan said it was quite likely that there were underage drinkers at the party.

“There were a number of intoxicated youths, parents need to be more responsible in knowing what their kids are doing,” he said.

Over the next hour and a half police received calls about the youths from addresses in Pacific Terrace and from Alexandra Headland Surf Life Saving Club.

At 11pm a police crew was dispatched to Alex Skate Park where youths from the party were fighting.

“It appears that there were a couple of people fighting and a group of 30 or 40 people standing around watching,” Act Insp Nolan said.

“At this stage no complaints have been made (in relation to the alleged fight) if there are we will investigate it.”

Five people were arrested, four were charged with being drunk in a public place while another person was charged with being a public nuisance.

Mr Quinn said that was just an ordinary Friday night in Alex and it will get worse with the party season commencing.

“The party season is coming up again now, kids will begin grouping in parks and going to parties. My message to parents having parties for kids coming into the summer season is to make some plans and put some security measures in place. A proactive approach needs to be taken from everybody, don’t wait for the party to explode,” Mr Quinn said.

Act Insp Nolan defended police against criticism that by breaking up the party they were just moving the problem on. He said they could not stop youths congregating but just manage the situation.

However he did advise people having parties to register their events with the police party safe program.

Registration forms can be downloaded from

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