Aldershot 12 yr old Jordan McQuarrie with her mum Kimberley in her newly renovated bathroom courtesy of Rally For A Cause.
Aldershot 12 yr old Jordan McQuarrie with her mum Kimberley in her newly renovated bathroom courtesy of Rally For A Cause. Alistair Brightman

Strangers renovate bathroom of girl with cerebral palsy

TEARS fill Kimberley McQuarrie's eyes whenever she thinks about the kindness shown to her and her daughter from absolute strangers in the Fraser Coast community.

The single mum and her 12-year-old daughter Jordan, who has cerebral palsy, had their lives changed when the Dunga Derby team arrived at their Aldershot home.

Aged 12 and about 165cm tall, Jordan requires full-time care and had outgrown her bathtub and recent hip complications made daily showers dangerous.

The team from Rally For A Cause's Dunga Derby, a local charity focusing on helping those in need, found out Kimberley and Jordan could do with a helping hand.

Tradesmen volunteered their time during an eight-week renovation period, with the equipment purchased by Dunga Derby.

Jordan's bathroom is now almost unrecognisable with the tub removed, a change table added, and the space decorated with her favourite colour - pink.

Meanwhile Kimberley's bathroom had been renovated and any plumbing problems fixed.

Jordan, who enjoys music and loves audio books, has recently had her left hip joint removed due to scoliosis.

"While Jordan is still in daily pain, her day-to-day routine which involves showering in her bathroom have been made much easier and safer," Kimberley said.

"I'm now less likely to injure my back while hoisting Jordan, and less likely to slip and hurt myself.

"If I was to get injured, there wouldn't be anyone to take care of her."

A nurse at Hervey Bay Hospital nominated the pair to Dunga Derby after getting to know them.

"Having a daily shower is something people take for granted, but the renovation has made a big change to our daily life," Kimberley said.

"I can never thank them enough.

"I was honestly overwhelmed that strangers wanted to help a single mum like me. It still makes me tear up."

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