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STRIKING: Taroom resident Dave Newton took this photo of the storms at Taroom on the weekend.
STRIKING: Taroom resident Dave Newton took this photo of the storms at Taroom on the weekend.

LIGHTNING danced spectacularly across the sky, but storms that hit Taroom on the weekend only teased anxious residents.

The brooding clouds yielded little rain.

Taroom resident Dave Newton took the dramatic photos of the storms around the town and sent them to Central Telegraph.

The keen photographer said the fantastic light display was all the storm amounted to.

“There was next to no rain in town,” Mr Newton said.

Official Bureau of Meteorology figures show Taroom received just 2.6mm on Saturday.

Stacey Blower from a property to the south of Taroom said they received only small falls of single-digit millimetres.

“We are all desperate here,” Stacey said.

“We are down to three dams and three bores now and two of the dams we have to check every day for cattle stuck in the boggy edges,” she said.

There were mixed results from the storms across the Callide, Dawson and Monto districts.

Jo Lethbridge from “YoYo”, near Taroom, said they received 24mm.

She said it gave them some green pick and put a bit in the tank, which they nearly had to fill with bore water.

“We are definitely chasing that follow-up otherwise it would be wasted,” Jo said.

Wallace Gunthorpe, who has a property between Banana and Theodore, was disappointed his place missed the rain again.

“We have hungry cattle needing lots of rain,” he said.

However, Claudia Stephenson from “WilgaVale”, 3 km from Moura, said they had 46 mm of rain in three separate falls last week.

“It’s meant that there is a green tinge on the grass in our sandy country, and my husband Ken can have a break from feeding out dry lick to the cattle, which he has had to do for several months to enable the cattle to make use of the dry grass,” Claudia said.

“During Friday night’s storm, before the rain started, lightning struck the ground starting a spectacular fire in a paddock of dry grass not far from the house.

“Luckily, after a few minutes, the rain came down and extinguished the fire.

“We will need a lot more rain to run water into our dams, but our water tanks are now half-full, and the kangaroos are in abundance on the green grass near our house.”

Wowan resident Sheila Dorwick said they got only 4mm in two storms on the weekend.

Sue Ison said she received 22mm on their dairy just outside Monto.

Sarah Cox from Cracow Station said they received 33mm in early November and another 2mm on the weekend.

November rain


So far – 33.6mm

Average – 77.1


So far – 23.7

Average – 77.1


So far – 27.4

Average – 76.8


So far – 21.6

Average – 74.4

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