BALANCING ACT: The entrance to Biloela State High School, which has experienced a spike in disciplinary absenteeism.
BALANCING ACT: The entrance to Biloela State High School, which has experienced a spike in disciplinary absenteeism. Glen Porteous

State schools disciplinary absenteeism released

STUDENT disciplinary absenteeism from Biloela State High School hit a dramatic increase of 340 in 2018, a marked rise of 197 over the previous year.

Department of Education data reveals a spike of 143 disciplinary absenteeism occurred during 2018 as compared to the previous year.

Moura State High School had an increase of four disciplinary absenteeism. During 2018, the number was 71 as compared to 2017 that had 67.

In the Banana primary state schools, the disciplinary absenteeism for 2018, Biloela State School had seven, Mount Murchison State School with three, Moura State School three and Prospect State School had one. Thangool, Jambin and Banana State School all had none for 2018.

Disciplinary action is defined by the Department as absences related to the suspension or possible expulsion of a student.

A spokesperson from the Department said absenteeism of disciplined students represented 7 per cent of the total student population state-wide.

"The overwhelming majority of Queensland state school students demonstrate responsible, safe behaviour, are actively engaged in learning, and have strong, positive relationships with their fellow students and teachers,” the spokesperson said.

"The same majority of state school students have never received an SDA during their 13 years of education.”

The Department also said legislation allowed principals to have the power to suspend or exclude students.

"These powers are used to ensure all students, staff and visitors are safe and able to learn and work in an environment that supports their well-being,” it said.

"All parents have the right to expect that when attending school, their child is able to learn in a safe and supportive environment.

"Principals balance individual circumstances and the actions of the student with the needs and rights of school community members.”

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