Speeders ignoring school speed limits


That is how Officer-in-Charge of Biloela Police acting Senior Sergeant Adrian Rieck described Biloela drivers over the last 10 days.

Acting Senior Sergeant Rieck said patrols nabbed eight speeding drivers on Wednesday and about 30 in the past week-and-a-half, many in school zones or high speeds on the highway.

Add in four drink drivers caught on the same day, and one can see why the police are frustrated at driver's actions.

“It's unacceptable for a town the size of Biloela,” acting Senior Sergeant Rieck said of the rash of offences.

He said the number of offences was ridiculous.

The officer said some of the speeders were caught doing 130 on the highway, with the heaviest led foot in a school zone was 24km over the limit - 64 in a 40.

“Kids are unpredictable - if a child runs out, you won't be able to stop.

“The Lollipop ladies have had a few near misses,” acting Senior Sergeant Rieck said.

He said all the speeding tickets were handed out by police conducting normal patrols, not part of any operation.

The policeman warned they would continue to hand out tickets to speeding drivers, as the message to slow down was not sinking in, and the school speed zones are in force during the set times.

Four drink drivers were caught on Saturday, the highest a 26-year-old Biloela man who lost his licence when he blew 0.158 after being pulled over in Grevillea Street at around 10.20pm.

He was charged with driving under the influence while three others with driving over the legal alcohol limit.

A Rockhampton woman in her mid-20s (0.109) was charged after being caught in Callide Street at 5.30am.

A middle aged Biloela woman was charged after she registered 0.105 at 2.30am on Bauhina Street.

A second Biloela man, 26, blew 0.082 on Callide Street at 2.11am.

Acting Senior Sergeant Rieck warned drivers there was now a co-ordinated approach from police, the fire brigade, ambulance, Council and Queensland Transport and Main Roads on traffic-related matters after the formation of a traffic advisory committee.

He said the committee would look at ways to improve safety on local roads.

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