Shop local to avoid faulty solar

Matt Beahan warns locals to be wary of out of town businesses selling solar as the parts can be faulty.
Matt Beahan warns locals to be wary of out of town businesses selling solar as the parts can be faulty. Vanessa Jarrett

IT IS THE SAME OLD story, people buying products out of town and months later they run into problems and have to call up the locals.

Matt Beahan of Callide Valley Electrics has seen it all over the years and said it is more than frustrating.

"We have been servicing one guy's air cooler for 10 years and we get a call to come wire in a new cooler,” he said.

"You just feel like saying why didn't you come to us first.”

The trouble is the out of town products that are being sold are not of good quality.

Callide Valley Electrics wrote the following statement on their Facebook:

"Callide valley electrics would like to notify its customers, family and friends about being cautious with out of town salesman. Whether it's a door knock or phone call, the product being sold is usually one that is overpriced, of an inferior quality, does not suit the application and has no service or warranty.

CVE has seen several situations were customers are left with a solar system/air cooler/air conditioner that does not meet the customers expectations and when service is needed the company is no were to be found. We ask the community to seek second opinions and try a local business for a quote before committing to a buy.”

Matt said the crew it is the solar systems they are finding the most frustrating.

"There is one that is broken down at Thangool that is four years old and two of the panels are faulty,” he said.

"And we can't find any replacements.

"That company that they bought it off has disappeared off the face of the earth.”

The salesman have also been spinnng the truth to customers stating they wouldn't receive a power bill if customers installed the solar system they are selling.

"I had a bloke in Banana and he said they told him it would completely wipe out the power bill,” Matt said.

"He couldn't believe it when I told him it wouldn't.

"That was a real eye opener for me, that they would have told people that.”

Receiving the brunt of the upset calls in the admin at CV Electrics, Lizzie and Mel said residents should look to locals first.

"It does affect business but it is just frustrating when they run into issues, it could have been avoided if they were better informed,” Lizzie said.

"People should really ask a familiar face before getting involved.

"It is just like the old saying, if it sounds to be true it probably is, call a local first.

"Give the locals a try first before you commit.”

Research who the company is also a good piece of advice.

"Do your research, google if they are legitimate, check if they are scammers,” Mel said.

"And if you go local you don't have to pay travel and other fees.”

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