CLAN: Delveen and Scott Poland with their children, Rylee, 14, Logan, 13, Phoenix, 11, Karisma, 9, Briahne, 7, Corbin, 5 and Dominique,4.
CLAN: Delveen and Scott Poland with their children, Rylee, 14, Logan, 13, Phoenix, 11, Karisma, 9, Briahne, 7, Corbin, 5 and Dominique,4. John McCutcheon

Seven kids and she'd 'go again'

AFTER seven kids she had her fallopian tubes tied, but now this Buddina mum and her husband are considering having another baby.

"If I could, I'd definitely go again," Delveen Poland said on Tuesday.

Two days later - after thinking it through - Mrs Poland had decided she probably wouldn't.

She wants to pursue her dream of working in a law firm now that everyone in her "little army" is at school.

"My youngest is five this year - I'm over the nappy changes and early mornings," she said.

It's hard to not be impulsive about making babies, she said, as they brought her family so much joy.

Mrs Poland said the new Sunshine Coast University Hospital's state-of-the-art birth suites sounded great, but after having all her children at Nambour hospital, she "couldn't fault" the staff at all but two births.

The first two childbirth experiences were "quite rough" and she said she wasn't treated fairly by one midwife, who was "quite old-fashioned".

"The nurse didn't take kindly to (us having) kids before marriage. I was engaged but not married.

"But I can't fault Nambour at all, they were amazing through everything.

"All the other nurses were amazing."

Mrs Poland had helped raise her nephews, but she said raising her own babies was completely different. The nurses showed her how to care for them.

"They showed me what to do with the babies.

"They were just really helpful."

Mrs Poland welcomed her first-born into the world just before her own 22nd birthday.

He's now 14 and in Year 11 at Mountain Creek State High School.

"When he was placed in my arms, (that) was the most memorable thing in my life," she said.

She was in awe, counting off his tiny features one by one: "he's got a nose, he's got eyes, he's got ears".

"Just looking at him - I knew he was mine," she said.

Before giving birth to seven in the space of 14 years, Mrs Poland was told by doctors that she'd never be able to have babies. She had had four miscarriages before her first baby was born.

Throughout her pregnancy with eldest son Rylee, she was scared.

"When he was just finally placed in my arms, it was a gift from above," she said.

"Sometimes there's no words to describe that kind of love. The best blessing was just hearing him cry."

Mothering has since been the focus of her life - with weekdays revolving around school and daycare drop-offs and pick-ups.

"I've got my own little army.

"It's busy but I wouldn't have it any other way.

"My favourite thing would be the loving hugs.

"I don't like the tantrums and the fights, but I love it when they wake up in the morning and I always get a hug and a kiss and 'I love you mummy'.

"That's the highlight."

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