CAT CONTROL: Under new legislation cat owners will be required to register and micro chip their feline friends.
CAT CONTROL: Under new legislation cat owners will be required to register and micro chip their feline friends.

Rules put puss under rego fee, microchip structure

PAT Brennan reckons domestic cats have been running feral for too long.

The Thangool-based Banana Shire councillor welcomed the new State Government legislation which forces cat owners to register and microchip their felines.

Mandatory cat registration is part of the Queensland Government's Animal Management Act that come into effect on July 1 and also includes the microchipping of dogs.

The state is forcing council to have the new Act fully implemented by December 10, 2010.

To ensure they meet this deadline, last month Cr Pat Brennan and his six colleagues voted to start rolling out the new regulations from this coming Wednesday.

“It is about time cats were controlled and it's good that the government is the one implementing the legislation, because this means that the rules are consistent across the state,” Cr Brennan said.

“However, enforcing the laws and catching stray cats could be a problem.”

Cr Vaughn Becker also had some concerns over “who is going to muster” the moggies.

Banana Shire manager environmental services John McDougall said the focus would start on dogs.

“Any new dogs that are registered after July 1 will have to be microchipped,” Mr McDougall said.

“When people pay their registrations, we will give them a voucher to take to the vet to have the microchipping done.

“Anyone with an animal that is currently registered can also choose to have it microchipped.

“This is the same with cats.

“The State Government stated we have until December 10, 2010, to ensure all dogs and cats are registered and microchipped, so we are working our way through the process to meet this target.

“Once we have the dog situation sorted them we can concentrate on cats.”

There are hundreds of cats in Banana Shire already voluntarily registered, but these were lifetime registrations with a one-off fee.

This will also change, not only will cat owners be required to register the animal they will have to pay an annual registration fee, the same as dog owners.

“Domestic dogs and cats will be treated the same and come under the same rules and regulations.”

Mr McDougall admitted it was going to be a mission for the council's compliance officer to patrol and control cats.

“They are basically nocturnal and they are outside at night a lot,” he said.

“It is going to be a big cultural shock for some cat owners, but people have to realise that under this State Government legislation our guys will be out in force at night and if their dog or cat gets impounded they will be paying a fee to get it out.

“We encourage cat owners to lock them up at night so they do not wander.”

The fee to register a desexed animal is $30; an entire animal $77. Having the microchip implanted will be $35.

The rules?

• Dog or cat must be implanted with a microchip before it is 12 weeks old.

• Dog or cat tattooed upon desexing

• Dog or cat is registered within 14 days of taking ownership

• Dog or cat must be wearing its rego tag

• Unregistered animals will be held in the pound for three working days before being destroyed.

The costs?

• Desexed animal rego - $30

• Entire animal rego - $77

• Microchipping - $35

• Release impounded desexed/registered animal first offence free.

• Release impounded desexed/unregistered animal - $30 rego fee

• Release impounded entire/unregistered animal - animal will be desexed and registered with appropriate fees charged to owner.

• Release impounded animal after first office - $200

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