Roll up to cage of death

WET or dry, there's always one sure bet - you'll find the most outrageous, barking mad ideas launched in the Territory.

For example, while the rest of the nation thinks it's pretty daring to share the water with man-eaters, in Darwin, you can now take part in a quaint little charmer called the Cage of Death. Roll up, folks, and feed yourself to a croc!

The reasonably refined Novotel Darwin Atrium hotel has joined forces with Crocosaurus Cove to create what it calls “the ultimate Top End adventure experience”.

Guests are suspended in an acrylic transparent cage on a monorail system above the crocodile enclosures at Crocosaurus Cove, then lowered into one of four enclosures for an “experience of a life time”.

Cage of Death packages certainly are a way to get the adrenalin pumping.

There's only one other way to get so close to some of the largest Northern Territory saltwater crocodiles in captivity- but this way you'll live to talk about it!

For those seeking a slightly less confronting encounter, you can “Swim with the Crocs” in a separate pool that runs alongside the Crocodile enclosures. Piece of cake.

Crocosaurus Cove is located in the heart of the CBD on Mitchell Street just a couple of blocks from Novotel Darwin Atrium.

This package offers the best of both worlds: luxury accommodation and an ultimate "mother" nature experience.

Novotel Darwin Atrium's Crocosaurus Cove packages are available year round with prices starting from $197 a night for two adults, including entry, while Cage of Death packages start from $287 a night and include one “cage of death” experience.

■ For more visit or call Novotel Darwin Atrium on (08) 8941 0755

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