Reprieve for asylum seeking family

THE emotional rollercoaster continues for the Tamil family and their supporters with a judge yesterday ruling the case go to a final hearing at a date still yet to be determined.

It is beleived Justice Mordecai Bromberg stated in court yesterday that since the Government had not considered until this week whether the youngest daughter, Tharunicaa, 2, was owed protection under Australia’s international obligations, the case requires a further final hearing.

The Tamil family have been fighting to stay in Australia since the visa’s of father Nades and mother Priya expired between Januray and Feburary of 2018.

The family which includes daughters Kopika, 4 and Tharunicaa were later removed by Border Force officers in March of 2018 at thier home in Biloela and have since been subjected to a number of hearings to determine their right to stay in Australia.

Home to Bilo campaign leader and family friend Angela Fredericks spoke with mother Priya immediately after the judgment was handed down.

“I spoke with Priya yesterday afternoon after the judgement and she’s incredibly happy and relieved,” Ms Fredericks said.

“Knowing that the family will be safe for a while longer is really important to her.

Ms Fredericks is happy with this result but said she questions why the former Biloela family remain in detention on Christmas Island.

“We celebrate this victory but they’re not home yet so we keep going,” Ms Fredericks said.

“I really feel Peter Dutton yesterday was stressing they’re there for their own safety.”

The family were sent to Christmas Island last month after the Federal Court granted an injunction preventing the government deporting Tharunicaa until the court application had been heard.

After an endless series of ups and downs over the past few months, Ms Fredericks is leaning on support from her hometown, and the former hometown of the Tamil family, the Biloela community for strength.

“I’m not alone here there’s a whole community that sticks up for our friends to support each other,” Ms Fredericks said.

“Even if their all the way at Christmas Island they’re still our family.

“The Biloela community and I must continue to lobby the policitcans.”

Ms Fredericks said that the family’s legal team are putting their arguremtns together for Tharunicaa’s right to make an application for asylum.

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