A car ran through a fence at a Waterloo Street property.
A car ran through a fence at a Waterloo Street property. Chris Ison ROK170518cfence1

Police still investigating after North Rocky crash

FRIDAY 9.59AM: Police are still investigating the crash which took place yesterday in North Rockhampton.

No charges have been laid yet.

2.40: THE driver of a hit and run from earlier this afternoon is believed to be speaking to police.

The Frenchville house was not damaged in the incident.

2.10PM: EMERGENCY services are on their way to a reported hit and run in North Rockhampton.

A man driving a Holden Commodore sedan crashed through a fence and into a house on Waterloo St.

The man, described as indigenous in appearance, ran from the scene in Frenchville shortly after it happened.

A witness said the car approached the fence and house at a very high speed.

It is unknown if anyone is at home.

More to come.

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