Police recover stolen health items

MACKAY detectives have recovered about $5000 worth of specialised hospital equipment, which was for sale on eBay.

Operators of the eBay website, where items can be sold and purchased anywhere in the world, were trying to close down a Sarina man's account yesterday.

The special items on eBay were:

  •  A cold light source. which is used by ear nose and throat specialists and is worth $3500; and
  •  A Leica stereozoom, which is a binocular headpiece that is placed on a microscope and used by surgeons during surgery and is worth $1200.

They were believed to be stolen from the Mackay Base Hospital.

The alleged theft occurred two or three weeks ago but a formal complaint was only made to Mackay police on Tuesday afternoon.

The main suspect is a Sarina man.

Detectives said the theft was drug-related and the items were passed on to another man.

It is believed the items may have been used to fund drug use.

Detectives tracked down the equipment within 24 hours of receiving a complaint by finding that the Leica stereozoom had been listed on eBay.

The items have been recovered in operational condition and have been returned to Mackay Base Hospital.

Police have issued two Sarina men with notices to appear in court.

A Queensland Police Service spokeswoman said investigations led police to two Sarina addresses on Wednesday afternoon where they allegedly located a number of items stolen from the hospital.

A 31-year-old man will appear in the Mackay Magistrates Court on September 15 charged with stealing as a servant.

A 38-year-old man will appear on October 8 charged with receiving stolen property.

Police investigations into the alleged thefts are continuing.

Surgery rescheduled after theft

Eye surgery is being rescheduled at a central Queensland hospital after a staff member allegedly stole medical equipment.

Police said two men had been charged following the search of two Sarina addresses this week that uncovered a number of items allegedly stolen from Mackay Base Hospital.

Queensland Health Mackay district chief executive Kerry McGoven said eye surgeries were being rescheduled as a result of the missing equipment.

She apologised to inconvenienced patients and said staff would contact those affected individually

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