Police get tough on drivers

FED-UP police will throw the book at drivers breaking the law after last week's warnings went ignored.

Following a rash of speeding and other traffic offences on the Callide Valley Show weekend, acting Senior Sergeant Adrian Rieck, from Biloela Police, pleaded with motorists to slow down.

But, after police caught six drivers speeding on Tuesday and an accident last Friday, the boys in blue have had a gutful.

“I've had enough,” Senior Sergeant Rieck said.

“Police will have a zero tolerance approach to traffic offences.

“People are not listening or learning.”

On Tuesday evening, in less than an hour, police caught five people doing between 121-123kmh in a 100kmh zone.

One of the drivers was a Bundaberg man caught on the Dawson Highway doing 123kmh. He was fined $330 and lost four demerit points.

Police also clocked a driver at 59kmh in a 40kmh school zone.

In the accident, a white Holden utility collided with the Biloela Taxi sedan around 9.30am at the intersection of Callide Street and Quarrie Road.

Two passengers in the taxi and a baby were unhurt, but Senior Sergeant Rieck said it was lucky not to be worse.

“A small impatient decision can have a lifelong impact,” the policeman said.

“Patience and care has to be taken on the road.

“People are not taking an extra couple of seconds to give way.”

Senior Sergeant Rieck warned drivers police would be actively patrolling at all hours and were in no mood to be lenient and would issue tickets.

He said emergency services hated going to traffic accidents.

“These events are devastating to emergency services.

“We hate knocking on people's doors to tell them a loved one is injured or worse.”

Senior Sergeant Rieck said speed and fatigue were the main two causes of accidents and warned many shift workers at mines were combining the two.

He said figures just released put the cost of all accidents to Biloela from 2005 to this year at $16.2 million, with three fatal crashes costing $6.7 million.

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