Players glued to TV tennis

CALLIDE Valley Tennis Association members will have their fingers and toes crossed for Spanish tennis player David Ferrer to do well in the Australian Open this year.

If the tennis great takes out the Open, he will also win Biloela Tennis Association $10,000 and one very lucky member an extra $10,000 as part of AO Blitz.

AO Blitz is an online competition with a series of tennis challenges for people to take part in and earn points for their nominated club.

Biloela has proven itself on the national stage, coming out fifth on the leader board and securing itself a top player in the competition.

One of the association's coaches, Helen Ambry, said the club's members would be glued to their screens for the Australian Open.

"It is very exciting," Helen said.

"The whole club has been working really hard to make sure we had a lot of points, and now we have ended up with a really great player."

The club was required to complete as many AO Blitz challenges as possible in order to get a place on the board.

Some of the challenges included playing tennis with a sponge, getting as many people as possible on a court and playing a game of tennis, dressing a pet up as a tennis player, and recording a victory speech.


So far David Ferrer has had a successful start to the open, winning his first two matches this week.

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