Taroom road a disgrace

FORMER Taroom councillor Owen Becker has joined the chorus of Taroom residents calling for the Fitzroy Development Road to be upgraded.

Mr Becker called the road shocking and said it took a road train carrying some of his cattle three hours to go 100km to the Taroom saleyards last week.

“It's pretty ordinary - it's been ordinary for a long time,” Mr Becker said.

“Banana Shire Council did some work on it three or four months ago but it's gone downhill since then.

“Then everyone drives on it again because it's good and it deteriorates again.”

Mr Becker pointed to the agreement between the defunct Taroom council and Main Roads to progressively seal the road that Cr Vaughn Becker had been frustrated had been disbanded during amalgamations, as reported in Central Telegraph on August 21.

Cr Becker didn't agree with Banana Shire Council's policy not to spend money on State Government roads but lobby Main Roads to allocate funds.

Neither does the former Taroom councillor.

“It needs money spent on it,” Mr Becker said.

“Roads are used to be driven on so it has to be built to take the amount of traffic it's getting.

“It's unfortunate Banana Shire Council's policy is different,” Mr Becker said.

Central Telegraph has received several letters from residents concerned at the road's condition, sparked by damage done to Ken Donner's car from the rocky road.

“For it to be in the condition it is in, in this day and age, is appalling,” Mr Donner said.

Stacey Blower said in the nine years her family had lived on the road they had seen traffic increase dramatically.

“We do feel betrayed by lots of departments by what has not been done on this road.”

Mrs Blower felt the road so unsafe she stopped driving the 13km to the nearest school bus stop and home schooled her son.

Joanne Wilson called the road “a complete disgrace” and called for councillors to drive the road that had taken its toll on her car, just two years old.

Kelvin and Rosie Hahn warned it was only a matter of time before someone was seriously injured.

God help any motorist who is not familiar with it - Ken Donner Does someone have to die first? - Stacey Blower As for calling this road appalling, this is an understatement - Kelvin & Rosie Hahn

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