Noisy Pitta peaks Keith's attention

BEAUT BIRD: This Noisy Pitta is a rare sight.
BEAUT BIRD: This Noisy Pitta is a rare sight. Keith Ireland.

CARDWELL is a town on the east coast on Cape York Peninsula.

It is in a beautiful setting, on the ocean, looking across the water to Hinchinbrook Island.

Having a few days holiday there was great.

We had chosen Cardwell because it was the home town of a friend.

He had recommended visiting old friends of his who lived on their property in the middle of the thick rainforest.

After travelling on a rough road, we found the entrance to their property, then followed another winding track to a cleared area where their home had been built.

They were a lovely couple who had lived in the area for many years.

We were welcomed with open arms and they said I could go anywhere on their place to photograph.

Both had an excellent knowledge of the flora and fauna of the region and the gentleman could identify bird calls better than anyone I knew.

Wandering through the thick bush on the tracks hardly resulted in any photos, because it was too dense be able to isolate the birds.

However the couple had set up water and feeding stations on the edge of the forest which was in view from their verandah.

In the late afternoon or early morning, they enjoyed watching the different species that arrived.

We spent two afternoons sitting with them, with me having my camera set upon a tripod, not on the feeding stations but on the bush areas nearby.

It was a matter of waiting for the subjects to arrive.

And arrive they did, including some species that I had not seen photographed before.

My favourite had to be the colourful Noisy Pitta which strolled casually down through the undergrowth and scratched around, spending some time in clear view.

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