New year reveller assaults security guard

A WARWICK man saw in the new year from a jail cell after he allegedly tried to eye-gouge a security guard at a pub last night.

Revellers at the Criterion Hotel were in the crosshairs of a man when he became enraged and attempted to assault other people in the pub celebrating the end of 2015.

When a security guard attempted to intervene and restrain the man, the offender then turned his fists to the guard and assaulted him.

The man attempted to eye-gouge and punch the guard who then managed to temporarily restrain him.

But the man then broke free from the hold and again attempted to fight other patrons.

Warwick police arrived a short time later and took the man into custody.

Sergeant Lisa Self said the man had been charged with common assault and drunk and disorderly in a licensed premises.

He is due in court on January 27.

Besides the scuffle, Sgt Self said the majority of revellers had been well-behaved and brought in the New Year safely and happily.

"They were well-behaved and enjoyed themselves," Sgt Self said.

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