Dawson River rises in Theodore

SEVERAL Theodore residents started getting edgy over the weekend as word spread around town that heavy rain in the headwaters of the Dawson had triggered another flood in the river.

Falls between 100-175mm were recorded south-west of Taroom creating large flows into the river, which peaked at Taroom yesterday afternoon at seven metres.

Theodore businessman Ron Bock said there were several nervous people in Theodore on Wednesday morning.

“I HAD a few people call me and ask if I knew how high the river in town was expected to reach,” Mr Bock said.

“The bureau is predicting 12m at sometime over the weekend and this shouldn't cause any problems for the town.

“There will be some pumps that might go under, but given that the river is fairly low at the moment, 12m seems a pretty fair prediction.”

On December 28 last year the entire town was evacuated and the river peaked at 14.7m on New Year's Day.

Hundreds of homes and businesses were damaged and the town is still trying to recover.

“The last thing we needed was another big flood but it looks like that won't happen this time, thankfully,” Mr Bock said.

Banana Shire Councillor Vaughn Becker said the heavy rain on Monday night had again damaged several roads in the Taroom district.

“It is bitterly disappointing,” he said.

“Several roads that council has repaired following the December flood have been damaged again. A couple of inches would have been ideal, but some areas received up to seven inches (178mm) and a lot of the work we have achieved has been undone.”

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