Search for a mystery lotto winner

IT'S the biggest mystery in Moura - who's got the winning ticket?

An unclaimed Pools ticket worth $293,327.57 and four bottles of wine left at Moura Newsagency has manager Vicki Caddell puzzled.

Vicki said that she had sold someone the winning lottery ticket earlier in September.

She said a person came into the store two weeks later claiming to be the winner and left four bottles of wine.

“The person stood in front of the store and had a photo taken with one of their mates and said, 'I am the one that won',” she said.

“But they still haven't produced the ticket.”

She said it was “a bit odd” that the person had not claimed the prize.

“Maybe they are waiting for things to cool down,” she said.

“Each day people have come into the store and asked if anyone has claimed the ticket.”

But the winning ticket is unregistered, so Golden Casket cannot track the winner down.

“Hopefully they haven't lost it - that's the biggest drama I'd be worried about,” she said.

“If they have lost the ticket that's it.”

It's not the first time the store has sold a big winner, with a division-one prize a few years ago and “quite a few” division two winners in Powerball.

This week, Golden Casket was urging all players who bought an entry in The Pools draw 1257 from the newsagency to have their tickets checked as soon as possible.

The Pools is a national lotto game that is based on soccer results in either the Australian League during the domestic season or the European and UK leagues during the Northern Hemisphere season. The Pools winning numbers are determined by the weekend soccer fixtures.

Players need to correctly choose the six winning numbers from 38 numbers to win the division-one prize. Players can either try to use their soccer knowledge or simply use their favourite numbers when buying an entry.

The winning numbers in the draw were 5, 16, 30, 31, 34 and 36. The supplementary number was 25.

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