JUST DANCE: Karla's Dance Collective is offering classes for fun without exams.
JUST DANCE: Karla's Dance Collective is offering classes for fun without exams. Contributed

Move your feet and just dance for the fun

EVERYONE loves to bust a move on the dance floor,

but there are some of us

who are just better than others.

Young students can now become good at it by exploring different styles of dance without the pressure of exams or performing.

Karla's Dance Collective is adding Just Dance classes to her studio to cater for students who just want to dance.

"This class is especially for the kids who really love to dance but don't have the time available or are financially unable to commit to a normal class,” Karla said.

The professional dancer and instructor has been running the collective for just over five years and said the studio had grown to 50 members.

"Some students choose to do one class a week and others are competing at a high level around Queensland,” she said.

"Our competition dancers train for around nine hours per week with all styles of dance - Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Acrobatics, Contemporary, Drama & Progressing Ballet Technique.”

All students complete exams to maintain a high level of dance, but Karla said the school was much more.

"Our students are such a tight knit bunch. They don't only get excellent training in dance but they are also making life-long friends,” she said.

Karla wants to offer this to other students also who might just want to enjoy dance.

"Dancing also benefits students by boosting their confidence, their physical strength as well as cognitive function.”

She is also on the lookout over the next few terms to find a student in this Just Dance class to receive a 2020 full tuition scholarship to be a part of the competition team.

"This will be for a student who has a incredible passion and talent for dance but cannot afford to be a part of our normal classes,” she said.

Karla's Dance Collective is located above the Darts Club at 144 Callide St.

For more details, phone 0429058704.

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