Mobbs takes a parting shot on his way out

OUTGOING chair of the Central Queensland Regional Development Australia (formerly Central Queensland Area Consultative Committee CQACC) has taken a final parting shot at the new model to deliver regional infrastructure to rural areas such as the Banana Shire.

Mr Mobbs, resigning after twelve years in the job and leading the CQACC to be acknowledged the most successful of the 54 ACCs across Australia, disagrees with the joint plan by the State and Federal Governments, announced last month.

Regional Development Australia (RDA) bodies in Wide Bay/Burnett and Central Queensland will replace the former ACCs in the two regions.

As reported in Central Telegraph a few weeks ago, RDA committees will advise and work with all levels of governments to address regional issues and promote regional development.

In the recent Commonwealth budget, the Australian Government committed $14.7 million in 2009/10 to RDA across Australia.

The Queensland Government is supporting the creation of Queensland's RDA network by providing resources and staff to work with the RDA committees.

Mr Mobbs said the RDA's policy focus now has shifted to centralisation and co-ordination of regional development initiatives in contrast to the previous position of achieving practical infrastructure and service delivery projects through specific programs to build strong communities and regions.

“My philosophy on taking up the job as chair of CQACC was to harness community parochialism in the belief that strong communities result in economically vibrant regional centres.


Projects delivered in the Banana region under CQACC chair Kym Mobbs:

• Dawson Valley Hardwood Plantation;

• Biloela Economic Development Strategy - Retail and Service Sector;

• Banana Shire Community Resource Centre;

• Moura Long Day Care;

• Moura Community Kindergarten;

• Baralaba Swimming Pool Complex; and

• extension to the existing Thangool race club building.

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