Mayor talks up track record

IT HAS been over 12 months since the new Banana Shire Council was sworn in.

Amalgamations, a State Government investigation into council's development application process, the Moura CBD brouhaha, dwindling water supplies, a stink over sporting club precincts, fistfuls of Federal Government cash, the Dunn Street upgrade and a rash of new developments have made it a testing time for our seven elected representatives.

Central Telegraph asked the councillors for their thoughts on how the first quarter of their term in office has gone and Mayor John Hooper responded on their behalf.

“The new council is happy with our achievement in the first year.

“Council with the staff's assistance has delivered, as can be seen from the list below.

“We are working well together as a council. The portfolio system for councillors has been a success and is liked by the staff.”

“There have been issues and we have faced up to these. We are consulting more.

“Now it's the next budget and the next year to plan for.

“There are areas we have to improve in; we know that,” Cr Hooper said.

List of achievements:

•Council road maintenance funding increased by $500,000 to $3.8M;

• Budgeted for construction of 89 km of bitumen road;

• Improved funding of depreciation of council assets;

• Bedding down of the operations of the new Banana Shire following the boundary realignment in March 2008;

• Successful introduction of portfolio system for councillors;

• Community consultation meetings held throughout the shire;

• CQU survey of shire residents regarding council performance;

• Introduction of economic development function within council;

• Approval of location of new administration building and art gallery;

• Construction of Gillespie Street redevelopment in Moura;

•Construction of new sewerage treatment plant at Moura;

• Funding approved for the following projects in Moura

- Swimming pool upgrade,

- Youth centre,

- Child care centre,

- Lions Park upgrade,

- Boat ramp upgrade;

• Construction of residential subdivision at Theodore:

•Construction of showground toilet block at Theodore;

• Funding for Castle Creek walkway and bridge at Theodore'

• Completion of roundabout on Gladstone Road, Biloela;

• Dunn Street upgrade, Biloela;

• Allocation of land for Skills Training Centre (GAGAL) in Biloela;

• Allocation of land for 30 unit Supported Accommodation Hostel in Biloela;

• Assistance with the relocation of Gabe's Place to Biloela PCYC;

• Approval of Raedon Street industrial land development - Stage 1 at Biloela;

•Funding for Lions Park upgrade at Biloela;

• Quarterly cleaning of Biloela CBD;

• Introduction of wheelie bins at Taroom;

• Funding for skate park at Taroom;

• Various park upgrades at Taroom;

• Funding for raw water reticulation at Baralaba;

• Street upgrades in Banana township;

• Budgeted for construction of a water reservoir in Banana township;

•Commencement of construction of town water supply for Cracow township;

• Upgrade to water mains to various town water supplies throughout the Shire;

•Upgrade to sewer mains and treatment plants throughout the Shire.

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