Bilo Mayor promises water supplies won't run dry

JOHN Hooper has sent an ominous warning that long-term solutions to Biloela's dwindling water supplies would hit residents in the hip pocket.

The Banana Shire Mayor said neither of the main solution - more from Awoonga Dam or new pipelines - would come cheap.

“It will cost money - there is a big cost to Awoonga,” Cr Hooper said.

He said council was hesitant to lay out large amounts to sign up for a long-term increase from Awoonga due to the cost and if it then rained the money would be splashed out for nothing.

“Any pipelines will cost millions,” Cr Hooper said.

The Mayor said the council would seek government funding if the pipelines from Nathan Dam or Gladstone became the obvious choice.

But the message was clear.

“It's not looking good with El Nino (returning).

“It will cost a lot more for water,” Cr Hooper said.

He said council was drilling for more underground water to boost supplies in the short term.

“There are some good pockets left that we've found.

“The town's not going to be let run dry,” the Mayor promised.

“It [water] is front of my mind.”

“There have been lots of discussions on water,” Cr Hooper said, especially with State Government departments.

Cr Hooper said there was more room for more immediate capacity from Awoonga.

“The Power Station does use 100% of its allocation a lot of he time but not always,” he said.

With Callide Dam at eight per cent, Central Telegraph reported last month a deal to use excess water from Callide Mine collapsed due to new regulations proposed by the State Government on the release of water from mine sites.

Most of the Callide and Dawson valleys are still struggling.

Thangool, Baralaba and Theodore have yet to break a 69 day stretch without rain, while Taroom did end its long wait with a measly 1.2mm on Monday and 0.8mm on Tuesday.

THE DRY FACTS Days since rain/winter rainfall (mm) Thangool    69/14.9 Baralaba    69/19.4 Theodore   69/16 Monto   19/22.8 Taroom    3/19.6

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