Magistrate warns next time could mean jail

GARTH Robert Goodsir's drug habit saw him facing two counts of possessing a drug utensil and one of possessing drugs and breaches of a community service order and probation for past drug offences in Biloela Magistrates Court earlier this week.

Police prosecutor acting Senior Constable Sean Franklin said a police raid on Goodsir's Biloela residence on March 26 found 35 grams of cannabis and a host of drug utensils.

Goodsir was again found with drug utensils on May 8 after the main occupier of his house called police, sick of Goodsir smoking pot in his bedroom.

He had failed to do any of the 200 hours of community service he had received for previous drug offences.

In January, Goodsir appeared in Gladstone Magistrates Court on 13 charges dating to 2006.

On April 16, 2006, Goodsir had injected $100 worth of amphetamines before he stole a motorbike from a Biloela address, threatening the female owner with a large hunting knife.

Goodsir rode the motorcycle unlicensed throughout the streets of Biloela.

Goodsir's lawyer Rick Parkes said his client had been a drug user for a long time but was trying to kick his habit for his family.

Mr Parkes said Goodsir had not touched amphetamines for a year.

“He's standing on the precipice,” the lawyer said.

Magistrate Annette Hennessy warned Goodsir he was on his last chance.

“If something else goes wrong, you will go to jail,” Ms Hennessey said.

For the three drugs charges, Goodsir was convicted and fined $1200.

The magistrate revoked his probation order, and re-sentenced him on the original two drug utensils charges and failing to dispose of a syringe that led to the probation, convicting him and fining him $500.

For the charges of driving under the influence, unlicensed driving and unlawful use of a motorcycle, he was fined $1600 and disqualified for 15 months. He will be re-sentenced on a charge of going armed to cause fear in Rockhampton next month.

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