Leanne fears more trucks could endanger children

DANGER: Leanne Kuprynsky fears more B-double semi-trailers on the road.
DANGER: Leanne Kuprynsky fears more B-double semi-trailers on the road.

THE thought of more B-double semi-trailers roaring past her rural property strikes fear into Leanne Kuprynsky's heart.

Every morning the mother of three sits with her school-aged children outside their property, 32km east of Biloela, waiting for the bus.

“I wait with them because it is just too dangerous to have them sitting there by themselves,” she said.

“If Queensland Rail cut services to Gladstone, this will force a lot more trucks onto the road and I am really concerned about the safety of our kids - not just while they are waiting for the bus, but while travelling on the bus or in the car to town.”

Leanne drives into town about six times a week and during each 64km round trip would pass four or five B-double trucks.

She shakes her head when contemplating how many more heavy vehicles will be forced onto the road if Queensland Rail services are reduced.

In the seven years they have lived on the Dawson Highway property, the Kuprynskys have witnessed numerous accidents on the already busy road.

“We've lost count.

“We've had accidents in front of our front gate and have come across several collisions and damaged vehicles on our way into town.

“Increased traffic on the road will only increase the number of accidents.”

Leanne said she hoped QR did not force more trucks onto the highway, but if it did, the Government would have to spend millions of dollars upgrading the road.

“They recently finished fixing the road between Biloela and Gladstone, but either side of the Calliope Range is still pretty dangerous.

“The new road is already starting to break up and more traffic on it, particularly trucks, will damage it a lot quicker.”

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