KEEN AS: The Biloela Little Athletics Club is excited to see when they can get back on the track.
KEEN AS: The Biloela Little Athletics Club is excited to see when they can get back on the track.

Kicking goals now a real prospect

COMMUNITY sport hasn't been given the green light yet but a growing feeling is we are closer than first thought for a comeback.

Currently people can only train with one other person and must maintain social distance.

Biloela Valleys FC committee member Dee-Anne Radke said that she would prefer if the season would resume in June instead of July 1 per the current Football Federation Queensland directive.

"I think if it's gone to much longer I'm not sure what the benefit of a season would be," Radke said.

"There's been talks about extending the season and that's fine but it gets a lot hotter here in Central Queensland.

"There's been a big outlay for the start of the season to get ready and make sure fridges are stocked and the fields are ready.

"Financially it would be better if we could do some events and fundraising soon, keeping to that social distance."

Prior to the Covid-19 lockdown, the Biloela Little Athletics Club had completed just one of its two trial days meaning the season still hasn't started.

Biloela Little Athletics Club committee member Joselyn Thornton said that the club hasn't taken any financial hit for the lockdown.

"It's of no cost to us through the leasing of the Biloela High School oval," Thornton said.

"Nobody has paid any fees yet since all the portals are closed online and the season hasn't technically started."

Thornton said that until Little Athletics Queensland give the all clear to go back to training or a date to work around no plans will be put in motion.

"It is good there isn't any contact that happens other than touching some of the equipment," Thornton said.

"Other than that you're in your own space and lane.

"I'm sure it won't be long until we have it all back in place.

"The kids are just keen to do some sport."

Radke added that the club will meet with CQ Football later this month to go over the potential length of a season this year and the safety protocol needing to be followed at training and on game day.

"Clubwise we need to be ready to go straight away when we get the date," Radke said.

"At the end of the day there's no reason why anyone else needs to be in anyone else's zone at training.

"Realistically we will still be safe, playing a match would be different.

"Hopefully with the low numbers in our region and state-wide we will get the all clear to play safely sooner rather than later."

Speaking last Friday, PM Scott Morrison said the return of amateur and professional sport wouldn't be "completely synchronised" and "you wouldn't have one necessarily hold up the other".

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