It's all horse and action at cracow

THERE will be plenty of “horsin” around at Cracow tomorrow for the annual horse sports.

In what is expected to be a fantastic day of action country style, it features an obstacle course, which has a junior and open section, and team penning.

The obstacle course changes every year, but does include a waterhole and various jumps with new surprise elements this year.

It is a chance for riders to show horsemanship skills and the trust between horse and rider.

The team penning involves timing teams of three riders while they separate and pen cattle.

Other events are bending, flag, barrel, drum and mothers barrel races, and the keyhole novelty event where horses had to ride within a defined key area.

The bending race involves rides riding around a line of pegs while the flag race consists of picking up flags and putting them in barrels.

They all have eight years and under led/assisted, eight years and under, 11 years and under, 14 years and under and open divisions.

Camping is available and a canteen all day.

There will be a barbecue for arrivals tonight, with amenities for campers.

After all the dust has settled tomorrow, riders can kick up their boots to some live music from Wiers Crossing.

Some nominations will be taken on the day but contract Richard Cox 4993 7135 or Fiona Skinner 4993 7199 to nominate.

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