Biloela State High School students Loukas Vasiliadis, Noah Bongers, Stuart Arnold, Michael Steger and Riley Arnold on stage as the basketballers.
Biloela State High School students Loukas Vasiliadis, Noah Bongers, Stuart Arnold, Michael Steger and Riley Arnold on stage as the basketballers. Vanessa Jarrett

HIGH SCHOOL MUSICAL: Students break free on Biloela stage

BILOELA State High School students will be singing their way to the top at the Civic Centre tonight as they open their first show of High School Musical.

Biloela State High School head of health, physical education and the arts Kath Zischke is the musical's producer and said there had been a lot of hours' work put in leading up to the shows.

The director is teacher Kate Kowitz.

The entire crew - including actors and backstage - totals about 50 students, the most the school has had involved in a musical.

Rehearsals began at the start of term two, two afternoons a week and one Saturday a fortnight.

Last Tuesday the crew took to the Civic Centre stage, where they underwent deeper rehearsals and fine-tuned the staging.

"It's been a big commitment for the students and I am really proud of them,” Ms Zischke said.

"The kids are really good, they have been really good about being on time, getting into character, going backstage, listening to feedback and applying it.”

The four main roles are basketball captain Troy Bolton, played by Stuart Arnold; his girlfriend Gabrielle Montez, played by Katelyn Ninness; and vibrant twins Sharpay and Ryan Evans, played by Phoebe Georgiou and Jared Cullen.

"We have some really talent kids as well that I am really proud of,” Ms Zischke said.

High School Musical was released as a film in 2006, with subsequent films High School Musical 2 and 3 in 2007 and 2008 consecutively.

"The kids have all seen and they know it, it's not Pirates of Penzance (1983), which is so old that it is completely out of date,” MsZischke said.

It has been two years since the high school put on a musical, with the last one being Into the Woods.

Four years prior to that, students at the time performed Peter Pan's Escape to Neverland.

With these gaps in between, the students and teachers are very excited and enthusiastic to bring a musical to the community this year.

The plan from now is to do a musical every two years.

"It depends on what talent we have at the school, what teachers we have,” MsZischke said.

A lot of work goes on behind the scenes when organising a musical, not just rehearsals and the play itself but organising ticket sales, canteen, front of house, lighting and sound.

Co-ordinating staff and student timetables has also been a headache - but it will all be forgotten come 7pm when the curtain draws and the students shine in their performance.

"We are really keen for the community to come and support us,” Ms Zischke said.


Tickets on sale at DJ's Shoes (cash only) and Biloela State High School.

Adults $20, high school students and aged pensioners $15, primary school students $12

Friday and Saturday night, 7pm at Biloela Civic Centre

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