Dallas McGrath is in an induced coma at Rockhampton Hospital and is suffering from infection and a fracture to his face, according to his family.
Dallas McGrath is in an induced coma at Rockhampton Hospital and is suffering from infection and a fracture to his face, according to his family. FaceBook

Details of alleged home attack emerge, dad in coma at ICU

THE 22-year-old father who was the alleged victim of a group attack on the weekend is in an Intensive Care Unit with a head injury, according to family members.

At 9.40pm on Saturday night paramedics attended to Dallas McGrath, who was left unconscious after he was allegedly attacked with a metal weapon in his sister's Toolooa home.

A family member who wished to remain anonymous said Dallas was placed in an induced coma after arriving at Gladstone Hospital, where he underwent initial treatment.

"Dallas is in a very stable condition and doctors are bringing him out of the coma tomorrow, he has a chest infection from a small vomit he had while asleep and the fluid has gone down to his lungs, but this will fix itself with a course of antibiotics, which they have him on," the source said.

Sister Jade Houghton said she and her brother, who had been visiting her at the time of the alleged assault, were sitting down watching television when they heard a group of people walking on their driveway on Saturday night.

John Dory Drive, South Gladstone.
John Dory Drive, South Gladstone. GLA010418DORY

"We heard them coming up with metal poles," Ms Houghton said.

It is understood Ms Houghton's two young children were at the home when the alleged attack occurred.

Ms Houghton today told The Observer there were allegedly three men and one woman at her house on John Dory Drive that night.

"They had two wooden batons and a big metal torch," she said.

It is believed the alleged assault was related to the theft of Ms Houghton's pet.

Ms Houghton said her brother ended up unconscious on the ground after the alleged assault, which she also suffered minor injuries from.

Dallas McGrath
Dallas McGrath FaceBook

"He wasn't breathing, there was nothing," Ms Houghton said.

"He was dead on my floor."

She said one of her neighbours revived her brother.

While it is understood from Ms Houghton's information that Mr McGrath was knocked unconscious due to the alleged blow to his head, another family member explained Mr McGrath's heartbeat never stopped.

The source said the young dad suffered a fractured cheek but that his head scans had come back clear.

"He was transferred to Rockhampton Hospital because Gladstone didn't ... have the facility to care for patients on the ventilation machine," the family member said.

"The nurses are very confident he will be okay, as he is responding to their stimulus tests."

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