CARING FOR COMMUNITY: Locals in R U OK? t-shirts.
CARING FOR COMMUNITY: Locals in R U OK? t-shirts. Contributed

Great Girls give back column

Article written by Kristen Cavanagh

R U OK? Day is a campaign created to prevent people who feel alone to not feel so alone by having a stranger, workmate, friend, best friend or peer asking 'are you okay?'

Sometimes we all start to get a little overwhelmed and then we become a little stressed and then we become a little frustrated and some of us bottle it all up and others may have a breakdown, which is completely okay.

The point is it's in our nature to bite off more than we can chew and sometimes we need a friend to help us finish the meal.

Whether that is at school, or work or everyday life.

Last year, GGGB made packages to hand out to members of the community that included tea, coffee, quotes, chocolates and colouring-in.

This was a little "encourager” for people to take a moment to step back, drink some tea, have a chat, relax and ask someone if they are okay?

This went really well last year and we are continuing the tradition this year.

We are doing packages again with a goal of at least 600 care packs.

These will be delivered around to people in the local community. Previously, we delivered them to the local state school, the hospital, mine and all the staff at Biloela State High School.

GGGB hadn't planned to raise funds for the R U OK? Day campaign, but after advertising some of the merchandise being offered on the R U OK? website, we have been inundated and have so far raised $1800 from our awesome community. Thank you Biloela.

Please visit the R U OK? website, Facebook and Instagram pages.

Message from organiser:

From Tracie Sahlqvist, organiser of GGGB:

Kristin, a Year 12 student at Biloela State High, started the care pack idea with me last year and has stepped up again this year.

We plan to give 600 care packs delivered to businesses and organisations in our community during the week of R U OK Day? on September 14.

Kristin also came up with the idea to see if people would like to purchase some of the R U OK? merchandise and we have been inundated almost getting to our $2000 goal.

We have had members from both Biloela and all over purchasing t-shirts.

We have had three local businesses buy all staff a t-shirt so that they can wear these on September 14 as well as now generating interest.

The RU OK? social media department has contacted us and are going to include our group in their social media campaign.

They are really impressed with what we have achieved in such a short time they are also impressed that we have been able to talk about this topic in our local papers.

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