Great data pours in from big leak

BOB Moschioni could not believe what was happening right outside his front gate on Friday.

The Thangool resident watched as water poured down a drain from a leaking fire hydrant on Stanley Street.

The leak had been reported to the council by another resident, but water was left running into the drain for 12 days before it was finally fixed on Tuesday.

“I could water my lawn for a whole week (with the wasted water),” the 72-year-old plant operator-owner said.

Bob said he had filled a four litre bucket in seven minutes. Over the 12 days that equates to 9874 litres.

He said it was like a dripping tap, and the estimated water loss was a conservative figure, as it had run faster than that at times.

“I don't see any reason why it should be allowed - we're getting told every week how short of water we are,” Bob said.

The resident who reported it didn't want to be named, but spoke to several councillors about it on Tuesday.

Finally plumbers from Wide Bay Water appeared. The leaking hydrant was fixed by midday, but the resident questioned why it took so long to fix.

Banana Shire Council water and sewerage engineer Anthony Lipsys confirmed the leak was reported on Thursday, March 12.

“A council officer responded as soon as possible that day, investigated the situation and reported back to office,” Mr Lipsys said.

“The hydrant in question had a data-logging device attached that was collecting data as part of a planned monitoring program.

“Considering the importance of the data being gathered and the size and nature of the leak, a decision was made to leave the data logger in place until sufficient data had been collected, at which time the leak would be rectified.”

He said a councillor inspected the site on Monday, March 16, queried the situation and was briefed by him on the matter.

Mr Lipsys said the equipment was removed on Tuesday by council officers and the leak rectified at that time.

He said the council was now doing a detailed monitoring program in all towns with reticulated water as part of a broader leak-management and water-saving strategy with potential for considerable reduction in water loss through leaks and mains breaks throughout the shire.

As part of the program data logging equipment had been installed at various meters and hydrants to permit detailed monitoring.

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