Gordon's licensed to kill wild dogs and pigs

HE doesn't look like James Bond, but Gordon Twiner has a licence to kill.

The Biloela man is on a mission to control the threat that wild dogs and pigs pose to farmers in the Banana Shire.

So far this year he has already distributed 370kg of 1080 bait on 37 properties.

As Banana Shire Council's rural services co-ordinator, Mr Twiner is in charge of a program that uses 1080 poison to rid the area of problem wild animals.

He said for years wild pigs and dogs had been impacting farmers and damaging the agricultural industry.

When a dog kills just one calf, it reduces the farmer's selling capacity, and a single bite could mean that section of meat is not suitable to be harvested when it arrives at the meatworks.

Mr Twiner said it was common for wild dogs to attack newborn calves and upset cattle.

He said the program was a good management practice and farmers could access the poison to use on their properties, but it had stringent guidelines.

Mr Twiner said farmers still had the choice of controlling the problem themselves, some with the use of guns, but the program simply offered another avenue.

Mr Twiner has been in charge of the program for many years and said it would be an ongoing one.

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