Goovigen farmer Nathan Cahill is taking part in the latest series of The Farmer Wants a Wife, which starts on Monday.
Goovigen farmer Nathan Cahill is taking part in the latest series of The Farmer Wants a Wife, which starts on Monday. The Central Telegrah

Girls set huge challenge

A GOOVIGEN farmer is set to open his heart to the nation as a contest on Channel Nine's The Farmer Wants a Wife.

Nathan Cahill, called Farmer Nate on the new series of the smash-hit quest for rural romance, runs a beef property in the Smokey Creek district near Goovigen.

Nathan is a professional cowboy who has competed at rodeos in America, which he told The Central Telegraph was his biggest achievement.

He said his involvement in the show was a long story, which started when his sisters decided he was single enough and sent his profile in to be a possible love match for a female farmer on a past series.

“If I am going on the show, I want to be a main contestant,” Nathan told his sisters.

“Be careful what you wish for.”

Nathan got a phone call from Channel Nine asking him if he wanted to be one of the farmers on the new series.

“I am not one to back away from a challenge,” the 37-year-old said.

“Life is all about having a go.

“You come into this world bare-arsed and crying and leave in a pine box.

“In between you make your story.”

He has farmed in the Goovigen area for 20 years, and lives in a separate house on the same property as his parents.

Nathan said he knew what to expect from the show before he signed up.

“I've seen past episodes and some find their perfect partner.

“You need to go in with the possibility it could happen but you just have to enjoy the experience.”

Nathan said his family and friends were not surprised at his decision to go on the show.

“I do all sorts of mad things.

“My nephew, who's 28, said you've hardly lived a normal life and this is the next step as it's hardly normal.”

Describing himself as self-confident, determined, driven, adventurous and cheeky, the farmer said he was looking for a woman who can fit into the wild rodeo industry.

“Someone who can accept what I do and not change it.

“They should have natural appeal but still scrub up and not need 10 tonnes of make-up.”

Nathan told how he though he had found the woman of his dreams while in America but she would not leave the States.

“It was not a nice thing to go through,” he said.

Nathan said the seven farmers all had strong personalities and viewers could expect to see a bit of drama and romance.

In Monday's first episode the farmers gather at a country estate to meet their top 10 potential partners.

Over the coming weeks they will reduce the list to five before all going out on a group date to decide on the top-three women each farmer would like to get to know better.

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