UNITED: Pastors Nathan Stanley, Thom Lowther, Graham Pfeffer, and Andrew Purcell with their family members.
UNITED: Pastors Nathan Stanley, Thom Lowther, Graham Pfeffer, and Andrew Purcell with their family members. Contributed

Generations come together for Easter service

HOSTED by the churches of Biloela, a Sunday service and morning tea will bring the community together for the first time at Easter - as well as give the kids a chance to join in an Easter egg hunt.

Nathan Stanley, Pastor at Biloela District Baptist Church, said this week the Baptist Church would be joining with the other churches of Biloela - Baptist, Presbyterian, Uniting, AOG, Living Word Fellowship, Lutheran - to offer the free morning tea to the whole community after the service at the Civic Centre from 9.30am.

"Instead of a normal Sunday service on Easter Sunday we will be joining some of the other churches to have an Easter Celebration Service.

"The churches here love getting together and to do this on Easter Sunday with the wider community will be a real kick for us.

"The idea is for a Christian community gathering and we're inviting our local community to join us,” Pastor Stanley said.

"For us, Jesus rising and Easter Sunday is the central part of our faith and so for us to get together and share that is pretty special.

"We're blessed with a very family-orientated community in Biloela and it's an opportunity for the different ages to come together and share together.

"I think it's good for everyone and good for the older folk to have the excitement of the youth and for the younger people to be gleaning the wisdom from the older generation.”

Pastor Stanley said it was important for the generations to mingle at community events and appreciate each other.

"And the community getting together as a family with all the generations is something that's not just important but enjoyable as well, and something we should cherish.”

The Banana Shire Council is supporting the event by providing the venue free of charge.

Celebrate Easter: Sunday, April 21, 9.30-11am, Biloela Civic Centre; free morning tea on the lawn after the service.

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