Garden club gets festive flair

MEMBERS and friends of the Leichhardt Garden Club gathered earlier this month for their Christmas break-up at a location that can only be described as the Garden of Eden.

Held at member Ivy Speed's garden on her property 'North Burradoo', around 65km west of Taroom, the location left members wanting to go around every corner to see what was there.

"The house and garden is situated on the top of a soft-wood scrub rise,” Leichhardt Garden Club PR officer Sue Presho said.

"Quite a few of the scrub trees were kept in the garden with the most prominent being beautiful bottle trees, which Adam Clark believes some of the older ones may be at least 300 years old or more.

"The garden is a lovely shady place with many tall established trees and long avenues of lawn. Mass plantings of roses, day lilies, succulents, bougainvilleas and cottage flowers to name a few species abound throughout the garden beds.”

The celebrations kicked off with Helen McLennan demonstrating how to make a barb wire hat.

"She uses barb wire, the soft variety not high tensile, that has been pulled out of old fences at the end of their life,” Ms Presho said.

"She has a method of weaving and bending the wire to create the shape of her hats.

"After weaving she takes to them with a hammer on a block of wood to get the desired 'bash' - either a 'gardener' (flat brim) or a 'ringer' (bent down front and back slightly with gutters).

"They are immensely popular and are adorning quite a few posts in gardens around the district.

"Members watched with enthusiasm and many were keen to go home and make one.”

The club also held a multi-draw raffle, which saw Mandy Hay chose one of Helen McLennan's barb wire hats and Alida Slattery draw the bird bath, which was made at the Utopia workshop.

The lucky door prize was snatched up by Judy Gook. A Secret Santa also took place, where members each gave a plant or small gift and went into a draw.

Member Adam Clark chaired the AGM. The new executives are president Mary Atkins, secretary/treasurer Susie Speed and Gretchen Speed (jointly) and PR officer Sue Presho.

Tracee and Erica were each presented with a plant gift as a token of the club's appreciation for all their hard work over the last three years.

All members enjoyed a sumptuous lunch and finished the celebrations by cutting the Christmas cakes.

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