AWARD WINNING: Country and rock singer Anna Farquhar will perform at the Oasis Bar and Café tonight.
AWARD WINNING: Country and rock singer Anna Farquhar will perform at the Oasis Bar and Café tonight. Meraki Portraiture

Friday night music show

ROCK and country music will be on the exciting song list when Anna Farquhar performs tonight at the Oasis Bar and Café.

The Emerald-based musician will perform from 8.30pm and already bookings for the show are filling up fast.

Anna teaches music, including singing, guitar, piano and music writing.

Her passion for performing brought her to Biloela and she is looking forward to the show.

"I go to gigs on the weekend whenever and wherever and play my own style for what the crowds want,” Farquhar said.

"I will perform a bit of rock or country, from AC/DC or Melissa Etheridge to Lady Ga Ga and its fun to mix up the music a bit.”

The Australian country girl enjoys putting her heart and soul into her music.

She said with a bit of chuckle it was funny sometimes how people would come up to her and comment on her singing voice.

"I have an Australian accent and it shows in my singing because of my passion for it,” she said.

Entry is free and spectators are recommended to get in early for a great show and entertainment.

Oasis Bar and Café owner Mark Diruggiero said Anna's multi-talented musical skills first brought her to his attention.

"She (Anna) was a wild card pick and ended up winning the VDMfests' 2018 Opening Act Competition music festival,” Mr Diruggiero said.

"It will be a good night for all music lovers to come down and listen to a good variety of music .”

Mr Diruggiero is the event organiser for this year's VDMfest 2019 music festival in October.

"Anna will perform at the VDMfest 2019 at the Biloela Showgrounds this year,” he said. "We are planning for this year's music festival and hopefully will be as popular the previous ones.”

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