POSSIBLE RELIEF: There could be rain around the region this weekend.
POSSIBLE RELIEF: There could be rain around the region this weekend. Blainey Woodham

Fingers are crossed for rain

RESIDENTS of the Banana Shire shouldn't be surprised if they see a few drops of rain across the region this weekend.

Some relief from the frosty mornings is here, as temperatures warm up across the weekend in the region.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Michael Gray said that with temperatures warming up and a change in the wind, rain is a chance across the weekend.

"Later in the week we do see the chance of some showers on Friday and also Saturday,” Mr Gray said.

"As we start to see a bit more south-easterly winds come through the eastern half of Queensland.

"So there's a chance of up to about 4mm of rain Friday and 10mm on Saturday.

Unfortunately Sunday is forecasted to be reasonably dry.

A push towards warmer and more humid conditions next week would be a welcome relief for residents , after experiencing some gusty winds, making temperatures earlier this week feel colder than they actually were.

"We'll see a return to easterly conditions through the early part of next week,” Mr Gray said.

"Which will mean temperatures warm up a little bit.

"And there'll be a bit more moisture in the air, so the humidity will rise as well.”

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