BILOELA WEATHER: The region can expect sunny and cloudy conditions over the week.
BILOELA WEATHER: The region can expect sunny and cloudy conditions over the week. Contributed

Fine weather for school holidays

THE weather in the Biloela region for the next week is expected to be a mixture of sunny and cloudy skies and not much rain.

The first week of school holidays will have good weather for kids to enjoy.

Today will be mostly sunny with a slight chance of showers near the coast but near zero chance elsewhere.

Overnight temperatures will fall to 16C to 21C, with daytime temperatures reaching around 30C.

The weekend weather will be similar to Friday's forecast of possible rain with mostly sunny weather and overnight temperatures falling between 16C to 20C and daytime temperatures reaching about 30C.

The working week will usher in a slight drop in temperature and little chance of rain, with mostly sunny weather.

Bureau of Meteorology forecaster Jess Gardner said the region's weather outlook was looking very stable for the next seven days.

"The weather for the region will have some dry and sunny conditions and in the general area there is likely to be isolated showers more towards the coastal areas,” Jess said.

"Moving into winter, there is a very dry air mass and southeasterly winds from a high pressure ridge along the coastline.

"It can be expected to be mostly sunny conditions with temperatures in the low 30s during the week.”

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