Swine of a clinic at Moura

ANGRY Moura residents waited for up to two hours at the town's hospital for swine flu vaccinations, only to be turned away and told there were not enough doses.

One of the 20 people who missed out told Central Telegraph Tuesday's clinic was not well advertised and a lot of the community didn't know it was being held.

The woman, who wanted to remain anonymous, said she found out only after visiting the medical centre on Monday and seeing a flyer.

The woman, an asthmatic, took other family members along and arrived just before the clinic started.

“I was quite angry - it was two hours from when I left home to be told there weren't enough doses,” she said.

“I'm asthmatic and I am scared and I'd like to get that needle.”

Queensland Health took the contact details of the people who missed out to advise them of the next clinic. The woman was called late yesterday and told the next clinic was planned for early next week.

Director of Nursing (Rural) Central Queensland Health Service District Ellen Palmer said they had underestimated the initial response at Moura.

“Some people did not receive the H1N1 vaccination at a clinic at Moura this week and I apologise to them for the inconvenience this has caused,” Ms Palmer said.

“The good news is, this highlights the vigilance shown by the people of Moura in seeking to be vaccinated against the potentially deadly virus.”

The first clinic in Moura was on Tuesday, October 6, when 33 were vaccinated, and 17 were vaccinated on Tuesday.

“About 20 people, including health-care workers and members of the public, missed out on their vaccinations at this clinic.”

A Queensland Health spokesman said the pandemic could stay circulating and return in the winter.

Among people most vulnerable to the sickness, and who should be vaccinated, were pregnant women, indigenous people, parents and guardians of infants up to six months, children in special schools, healthcare workers and people with certain medical conditions.

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